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Firstly, the good news – we have a little more quantity of our white wines in 2016.

This year we’ve experienced our best growing season on record, one the region’s ‘old timers’ have described as the Granite Belt’s best growing season since 1986! The 2016 white wines are superb and are back to normal after the devastating hail event of last year. The fruit quality continues to improve year on year due to the increasing maturity of the vines, along with what is referred to by our observers as the result of ‘micro-management’. That is, the intense and pedantic attention to detail in the vineyard, which in turn results in perfection of fruit quality…. leading to wines of exceptional quality.

Our wines are referred to as ‘artisanal’. We are the artisans; our winemaking is an art form in itself. At Tobin Wines, we prefer to craft the quality of the fruit in the vineyard, with minimal interference in the actual ‘winemaking’ process. Our wines are all about the purity of the varietal, and they are a reflection of the ‘terroir’. That is, the sense of place, or the micro-climate of that patch in the vineyard where the grapes are grown. The quality of the grapes dictates the style of the wine, as we don’t involve ourselves in the ‘winemaking’ process; we grow the wine in the vineyard.

To that extent, this year, rather than featuring ‘tasting notes’ on our bottles’ reverse labels, we have expressed the philosophy behind our approach to wine. The wines speak for themselves and you can make up your own mind as to the aromas and flavours you identify. Wine is a singular experience … it is what you taste and smell that helps you to identify your own descriptors for each of our wines.

We have reintroduced semillon sauvignon blanc – a delightful summer drinking wine – to our current offerings with the 2016 KATE SEMILLON SAUVIGNON BLANC.

The release of our 2015 CHARLOTTE SAUVIGNON BLANC Barrel Fermented has a year of age, which adds another level of complexity to this beautiful grape. If you have ever enjoyed the wonderful sancerre from the Loire Valley in France, you will immediately identify with this wine.

While our 2015 LILY CHARDONNAY Barrel Fermented, which has been benchmarked to the best in Australia, is drinking beautifully now, it will be really something special in another 8-10 years.

These wines are a wonderland of fruit intensity and with the increasing maturity of the vines the resultant wines are both delicate and elegant, while still exhibiting extraordinary complexity.

Verdelho (the wine of Portugal) always outperforms in our Mediterranean climate and is no exception this year. It always resembles a luxurious tropical fruit salad and the 2016 MAISIE VERDELHO is probably the fruitiest of all our white wines.

The 2016 CHARLOTTE ROSE also has been reinstated in our folio of wines. As always, we choose to make our rose from the tempranillo grape, in keeping with French tradition and the resultant colour of our 2016 vintage is a lovely lolly pink. This wine is very dry but has a wonderful sweet fruitiness with strawberries and raspberries assaulting the palate, followed by mixed confectionery flavours.

Each year we release yet another aged semillon. This year it is our 2010 FIVE YEAR AGED ISABELLA SEMILLON – our fourth aged vintage of this iconic white. For those who have never experienced an aged semillon – this is semillon at its best. At five years of age, it exhibits a pale yellow straw colour that will darken with even more bottle age. The aged characters – buttered toast, honey, marmalade – are now complementing all that wonderful lemon and lime citrusness. This wine will continue to develop over the next 15-20 years.

Some wine writers have described our Five Year Aged Isabella Semillons as ‘amazing’ and they have been compared to the best aged semillons from the Hunter Valley. Prepare to be both surprised and amazed by the 2010 aged release. The inherent value of exceptional wine is in old vines and our 55 year-old semillon vines now are producing fruit of great intensity and quality.

An important consideration when placing your next Tobin Wines order is that having produced significantly smaller quantities of our hand-crafted wines over the last three years, and due to the high demand for our premium wines, these new release whites are guaranteed to sell out quickly, as they always do. Most of our current wines are in fact strictly limited to wine club members only. Therefore, members of our Tobin Wines Club get first dibs and be mindful that there simply is not enough this year to go around.

Thank you for your continued support of Tobin Wines and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit to our Cellar Door. Meanwhile, you can always purchase our wines via mail order, phone, or fax, with wine club members enjoying the benefits of a 25% discount and free freight on orders of a dozen wines or more (which may be an assortment).

Adrian Tobin

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